Arguably one of the finest bands to ever come out from Indonesia, pop/folk duo Stars and Rabbit were formed in 2011 by singer/songwriter Elda Suryani and guitarist Adi Widodo. Melding pop, folk, and alternative influences with their raw, simple compositions and arrangements, the band have touched the hearts and souls of many with their songs.

Stars and Rabbit released their debut single “Worth It” in 2011. It became the stepping stone to the greatness that awaited them, while showcasing Elda’s idiosyncratic vocals and their trademark sound. Debut EP “Live at Deus” followed in 2013, before full-length album “Constellation” dropped in 2015. They went on a tour of Asia to support the LP, with single “The House” being included in the soundtrack to a British short film titled “Wander”.

After releasing live album “Live at Societe Militair” in 2016 and collaboration album “Pieces That Fit” with electronic duo Bottlesmoker in 2020 – along with a landmark performance at music festival Iceland Airwaves in 2019 – the band announced that Adi Widodo had left the band. He was replaced by long-time collaborator Didit Saad. In early 2020, they released their sophomore album “Rainbow Aisle” and in June 2020, Stars and Rabbit unleashed their second live album “Live at M Bloc”.

In March 2021, the magnificent duo released their latest audiovisual masterpiece in the form of “Attic No. 7 (Live in Jakarta)” on their official YouTube channel. The MV was chosen for the Official Selection at the Bogota Music Video Festival 2020 and won the Spotlight Award at the California Music Video Awards 2021.