Muztang is a drum and bass alias musician Gede Angga Raditya, from Bali – Indonesia. Though fairly new to the electronic music and nbsp scene, he’s already gaining quite some fans and interest around and nbsp town. Starting his ability for Dance Music Scene at 2010. Coming frrom hardcore/rock background, you can tell that his style of music often reaches back to these genres, aswell as alot of breaks and punk influences. His debut album titled Silence to Warm (2012) was quite getting attetion from big masses from his hometown. His remix of Miss My bliss by DTX, Riri Mestica proved his quality as a DJ and Producer. Stating at No. 1 Invert Rec’s chart.

Second EP was released by Invert Recordings, titled The Motion EP (2013). His debut album coming on 2016. The first single was Let It Go, invited Maximvs Raptor on the vocal. He got Yacko, Tuan13, DamnGood also Incanta inside teh album. His single from debut album Let It Go, is number 1st chart for Hardrock Fm.