100 Music

The music industry in Indonesia is constantly developing, in addition to the emergence of the music industry, it is also marked with the increasing number of music labels that are taking up several musicians with a number of different backgrounds.

The most successful rapper to date, YoungLex, founded a music label called 100Music, a subsidiary of 100 Entertainment. A label that is also a place for some new artists in the world of singing. So far there have been four names of musicians who have released their works through 100Music.

Getting out of your comfort zone takes courage, and this woman named Jesicca Janess made the right decision. After a career in the world of dance and getting a lot of recognition, he is now also working in the music industry, especially hip-hop. Jesicca Janess became the first female artist to join 100Music, a music label founded by YoungLex. Girlpower, independence, sportiness make Jesicca Janess’ character a part of women’s values ​​in terms of emancipation. After previously releasing the single Revealed which was able to make her name known among music lovers, now the 23-year-old girl is releasing a new single titled Bounce. The song that invites us all to dance for a moment eliminates fatigue. The music was done by Astaga Bonie. In the future Jesicca Janess will release singles that will surely be liked by today’s young people.