Jamaica Café is an acapella group from Indonesia which consists of 6 members: Michael, Anton, Bayu, Iko and 2 additional vocals. Formed in 1991, this group originated from the concept of “hanging out” by a group of Gonzaga College students.

Since 1996, Jamaica Café has made regular appearances at several cafes, TV stations and special events in various cities in Indonesia. As for the international experience, Jamaica Cafe’s debut was made at its concerts at the Esplanade Concert Hall Singapore in February 2005, December 2005, July 2007, January 2012 and December 2013. And the plan is that in early March 2016 Jamaica Café will tour Japan.

For the record, Jamaica Café with its distinctive “environmentally friendly music”, was appointed by World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia as an Honorary Supporter to support their campaign programs from 2006.

After more than 10 years of performing on stage, in 2004, Jamaica Café produced their first album entitled “Music of the Mouth”. This album is a new work in the Indonesian music scene which is produced without using any musical instruments, apart from relying only on voices from the mouth. And this is proven by obtaining the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) award, with the category “Initiator of a Recording Album without Musical Instruments” (Mouth Music), the First in Indonesia ”

Vacuum from the Indonesian recording music industry for 8 years, finally in December 2012 Jamaica Café released their second album entitled TWENTY ONE, consisting of 9 songs. The title TWENTY ONE itself refers to the age of Jamaica Café which has turned 21 years old.

On this album, Jamaica Café also invited Carlo Saba, a member of the KAHITNA group, to participate in contributing a song he composed, entitled PERMAISURIKU.

Due to the fact that less electricity is used in the recording process of TWENTY ONE’s album (only vocal recordings) and the CD packaging material does not use plastic (degradable), Jamaica Café dares to declare that this album is an environmentally friendly album.