HMGNC (re: Homogenic) is a music group formed in Bandung in 1999
2002 by Dina Dellyana (synths, programming), Risa Saraswati (vocals), and Grahadea
Kusuf (synths, programming). The name ‘Homogenic’ itself was inspired by their idol on
during high school, the famous Icelandic musician, Bjork, without trying to imitate his style
his music.
Joined FFWD Records through Epic Symphony’s debut album in 2004,
they feature music that is a mix of trip-hop and downbeat electronics
accompanied by the vocals of ‘angelic’ amid increasing interest in electronic music at
Indonesia. In 2006, Homogenic continued their musical exploration with an album
the second was titled Echoes of The Universe, where the atmosphere was dark on previous releases
became brighter, marking the influence of electronic independent music in their music.
In the middle of Homogenic’s music journey, “Kekal”, “Mindless”, “Unfolding Sympathy”, and
several other songs from their two albums became original soundtracks for the indie film Cin (T) a.
This film is the beginning of the collaboration between Homogenic and writer / director Sammaria
Simanjuntak which continues to other projects. The film’s promotional activities are
took place in England bringing Homogenic to perform in London, Birmingham,
Newcastle and Manchester.
Hiatus and New Formations
After four years of absence due to internal fixing, in 2010
Homogenic returns with Amandia Syachridar replacing Risa Saraswati
as the main vocalist, as well as changing their format to a full-band. This change
bringing new color to their music, leading to the creation of notes
sleek electronics without losing the Homogenic signature. Released by FFWD Records at
in 2010, the third album Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom became a transition period for
Homogenic, where their eclectic side is more alive through the beats and melodies of the instruments
fun synthesizer.
In 2012, Homogenic collaborated again with Sammaria Simanjuntak in the film
For Ucok’s sake. They contribute to scoring, soundtrack, and
includes old songs recycled for later release by UNKL347 in
Let’s Talk. “Get Up and Go”, which had a disco upbeat tone, became the first single from
This album is also included in the compilation of indie musicians Radio Killed The TV Star by
Organic Records. The second single “Takkan Stop Here” received a positive response from
the Indonesian drum n ‘bass scene. Apart from the lyrics in Indonesian, the song
managed to win three awards at the Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) 2013,
namely Best Electronic Dance Song, Best Electro Dance Act, and Thank you For Existing