DSS Music

Music has always been a part of Gya’s life since she was a child. Blessed with a heavenly singing voice, the acclaimed singer made a comeback in mid-2020 with her single “Kau Cinta Matiku” after a 13-year hiatus.

Prior to her time away from music, Gya released her acclaimed debut single “Semoga Kau Mengerti” and its parent album back in 2004, followed by sophomore effort “Kembali” in 2007. Continuing her revival, Gya released a single called “Heart of the Heart”, which was previously known as “Katong Dua” in its initial version, and partnered up with its original singer Bayu Risa to sing it as a duet. In January 2021, the talented songbird unleashed her latest single and collaboration with Bayu Risa titled “Jantung Hati”.

A charismatic live presence and equipped with unique and distinctive vocals, Gya’s renaissance is at full speed and she is set to reign supreme once more.