Alternative Rock

Elephant Kind Genre-bending trio, Elephant Kind, produce a modern classic in this decade displaying a

mastery of mix genres. They debut in 2014 and quickly gained fan base who were sparked by Bam Mastro’s

distorted pop-warm, somnolent, slightly out of focus vocals and Bayu Adisapoetra’s reinvigorated slick beats and

ferociously sensual bass lines from Kevin Septanto. The music project, however, was founded in 2013 by music

producer and songwriter Bam Mastro during his studies at Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

(WAAPA). Born in Champaign, Illinois, U.S.A. and raised in so many different parts of the world such as China,

Taiwan, Australia and Indonesia, Bam envisions to break down the barriers within culture through the music that

he produced in Elephant Kind.

Elephant Kind has released successful singles such as, True Love, Oh Well, With Grace, Montage and Beat

The Ordinary. The band’s debut EP Scenarios: A Short Film by Elephant Kind was released November 2014. The

band quickly received critical acclaim. Jakarta Beat named them Best New Artist of 2015 after the release of their

second EP Promenades: A Short Film by Elephant Kind in 2015. The two time AMI nominee was also nominated

as best new artist by Indonesia’s Choice Award and also Anugerah Musik Indonesia in 2017.