Dexfa is music project by Defa Muhammad, a music producer/songwriter/DJ from Jakarta, Indonesia. He Started his music career after gratuated from high school in 2012. He Later decided to study music industry in California State University, Northridge, United States. In 2014 he won a remix competition that held by DLA Black Records that leads to couple remixes releases on that label.

In 2015, he came back to Jakarta to pursue deeper career in Indonesia music industry, while he took hold of his study. When he stayed in Jakarta, he made a lot of single releases that got released by several international independent record labels. Not Only producing for himself, he also doing hip hop & RnB production for singers and rappers such as Tuangtigabelas, Noni, Ramengvrl and many more.

In 2017, he started his career on music for movie. He was a part of them who made OST for Jomblo, and he produced 2 OST for Si Juki The Movie. In 2019, on of Dexfa’s Production, Cashmere by Ramengvrl, won AMI Award 2019, as “Best Hip-Hop/Rap Production Category”.