Rockabilly/Rock and Roll

Turning the age of 13, after releasing 2 albums in 2011, titled “sodaaaaapp !!!” and “Rock For Mother Town” in 2014.

In mid-2019, Borock N Roll received a collaborative project with MD Music to become the only band that invented the soundtrack for a feature film titled Habibie Ainun 3.

On the first album “Sodaaaaapppp !!!” (2011) Borock N Roll conducted guerrilla land routes with the Sinema Pinggiran team for an album tour to the Java-Bali area for approximately 10 days, approaching big cities such as Jogja, Surabaya & Bali with collective personnel costs and merchandise sales during the trip.

After returning from the tour, you are brought by a travel video clip taken by Sinema Pinggiran which they then processed and produced the second Borock N Roll video clip entitled “Slow Independence Day” (2012), the song that won the Favorite New Commers award from Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards (ICEMA) 2014 the first video clip was made in 2011 before going on a tour entitled “Kucinta Dia” which was also produced by Sinema Pinggiran.

During the period 2011 – 2014 through social networks we continued to actively interact with Borock N Roll listeners and routinely filled the Pensi, Cafe, and Community stages. Until finally our 2nd album, entitled “Rock For Mother Town” was born. The title of the album that we aim for the Jakarta Rockabilly community who has helped us a lot in everything.

The video kilp “Rock for Mother Town”, the title of the album which is also our single and our favorite song on the 2nd album in collaboration with Buluks Superglad which was also worked on by Sinema Pinggiran was released in conjunction with the album launch party held at @atamerica by presenting inspiring guest musicians us, including Eka Annash (The Brandals), Danang (The Comment), Bonita (Bonita & The Husband), Shapie (Bikinies) & Buluks (Superglad). Before the show we presented a discussion about the development of Rock N Roll / Rockabilly music in Indonesia with speakers David Tarigan (Irama Nusantara), Aldo Sianturi, Yung (Rawtone Production), Indopinups & Host Allay Error