Young, passionate, and brimming with talent, fresh-faced R&B singer Annisya is set to take the industry by storm and lend a new colour to the local R&B scene.

Born in 2001 and raised in Jakarta, Annisya cites the likes of SZA, HER, Jhene, Aiko, and Brandy among her influences. The singer, however, refuses to be defined by her role models as she insists that her upcoming material will reflect her own songwriting style that is shaped by her passion for sonic exploration.

Annisya started out by performing cover songs on YouTube and Instagram, a process that helped her in developing her singing voice as well as her musical knowledge. Once she decided to pursue a career in music, there was no looking back. By the tender age of 17, the mercurial songwriter released her debut self-penned single “WZTED” in late 2019.

An energetic live performer blessed with the natural ability to engage with her audience and entertaining them, Annisya’s latest belter “VIP” came out in December 2020, which further showcased her versatility as a musician. The future looks very bright indeed for Annisya.