What can you make in just 10 days?

Had you ask this question to Elmand before he went to Bangkok to take part in the songwriting workshop held by American Voices Abroad in August 2019, the answer may be, “Not much!”

That’s right. This fellow, whose full name is Aditya Elmand, admitted that he learned a lot about songwriting during the cultural exchange program created by the US Embassy. And this includes the basic principle of time management in song producing.

“We had no choice but to learn, really. For ten days straight we were required to write at least a new composition every day. It was totally different from my earlier routines, when I sometimes unable to write a song in three days, let alone one day! Hahaha!” he said.

Furthermore, explained Elmand, he was “forced” to break out of his comfort zone. He had to stop being a solo songwriter and try to be a team player.

“We were divided into several teams since day one. I had to collaborate in writing songs with my team. At first, it was a bit awkward, since I was used to write my own songs alone,” he continued.

It was in this team that Elmand met Sabina, a soloist from Kazakhstan who became his writing and singing partner for “Pick You”.

“This is the first song that we worked on together. This song is one of our daily projects during the workshop and we have presented this song in front of the other participants and our mentors at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center,” explained the soloist, who had proceeded to the Blind Audition segment of The Voice of Holland in The Netherlands.

To Elmand, “Pick You”, with its pop acoustic nuances, truly reflects a full collaboration, because he and Sabina came from two different genres with its own distinctive characteristics.

“She is more pop-ish, characterized by a tendency of straightforward singing in soft voice, and not much vocal acrobatics. On the other hand, my root is more soul R&B, which is more used to explorations in tones. We had to compromise in determining the flow of the composition. I cannot impose my own will in this one,” explained Elmand, who was born in 1988.

Compromises also occurred in the lyrics. Even though the song is wrapped in sweet and charming tone composition suitable for any love song, both Elmand and Sabina agreed that the lyrics do not have to focus on romantic love. Instead, the angle they chose was intergender friendship.

“Besides Sabina’s opinion that this angle is rarely explored, I think it is also extremely suitable in describing the emotional atmosphere between us and the other participants during the 10-day workshop. We became good friends!” said Elmand.

Even though the song was completed in Bangkok, it was still polished after the workshop. Assisted by Samuel Pratama, Elmand’s producer and music director, the recording process was carried out in Jakarta and Kazakhstan.

“We exchanged files. This is the reason why the process was a bit lengthy. In total it took us about two weeks. Sabina must also involve in several projects during that period,” Elmand concluded.

So, are you eager to hear the result of Elmand’s 10-day collaboration in Bangkok? “Pick You” can be enjoyed in any audio streaming services starting today!