“Music sometimes speaks louder than words.”

After three years of writing songs loaded with metaphors and pretty words telling meaningful themes such as socio-political and environmental issues—and romance, of course—Semenjana is ready for some changes. And their latest single, LAH, proves this. The 3 minutes 20 seconds long song is packed to the brim with wordplay and carefully jumbled sentence logic that sustain the entire arrangement and compliment the song’s basic melody very well.

“We are tired of writing lyrics with deep meanings, so we thought about jumbled words and meaningless lyrics. We wanted people to not take us too seriously,” explained Didit, the guitarist and vocalist of this band. And the first verse of LAH clearly reflects this idea:

“Aku hanya LAH
Engkau hanya LAH
Dia hanya LAH
Mereka hanya LAH…”

In this single, it seems that this Jakarta-based folk-pop quartet—formed in 2017 and consists of Didit (vocals and guitars), Pandu Pramono (vocals and bass), Abe (vocals and guitars), and Ozie (vocals and percussions)—attempted to adhere to the adage ‘music speaks louder than words’ and treated vocals as an integral part of the instruments, much like what REM did in the 90s. This is the reason why the need for meaningful and ‘deep’ lyrics is no longer a priority, replaced by the need for singable and catchy lyrical composition that merges with the entire arrangement.

“We have never thought much about our genre, even since the very beginning. We wanted to be able to work more freely. And I think it’s apparent in our works so far. Our first album is about socio-political as well as environmental issues. Our mini album, on the other hand, talks about love. So now it feels right that we experiment with songs that has no meaning. Any kind of lyrics is fine, if the song has a strong musical base. Let the music speak louder than words. What’s important is we make definite progress on each of our work,” explained Didit.

Written in only two weeks, LAH’s lyric video will be ready to share to 100 privileged fans through Youtube’s private link in February 22, 2020. And what about the album?

“I think it’ll be ready by the end of this year. We’re still thinking of releasing several other singles. Wish us luck!” concluded Didit.