Hot on the heels of their successful performance in Music Matters 2019 in Singapore last September, Scaller, the band lead by married couple Reney Karamoy and Stella Gareth, is preparing to march into the Land of White Elephants and stun the audience of the country’s music and pop culture festival, Bangkok Music City – BMC 2019.


“We received the invitation last August. However, we were given our participation confirmation from the organizer of the Archipelago Festival in early October,” said Reney.

Along with several artists, Scaller was submitted by the organizer of Archipelago Fest for curation process by the organizer of Bangkok Music City. Three names, including Scaller, passed the process and obtained the right to perform on the main stage of the event, along with other artists from the USA and Europe.

Scaller is planned to perform at the main festival of BMC 2019 on 3 November 2019.

“We are currently waiting for confirmations to perform on other venues connected to that event on November 2nd,” said Reney.