The journey of Voice of Baceprot (VoB) that has been chronicled by the media reads like Cinderella’s tale or any other similar dream-come-true stories that almost every human being on the face of the earth were told about during their childhood times. However, what differentiates VoB’s storyline is that it involves not one but three princesses. And they exist in real life.

Unlike these happy-ending fairy tales, though, the story of these three princesses from Garut in West Java is yet to have a definite ending. They are still pushing on and developing as a band, with their narrative set to be written in gold or in black – depending on the choices that they have made and those that they will come to in the future.

One of those crucial decisions that they determined on not long ago is to join the roster of booking agency Amity Asia Agency. The booking agency already has an exceptional reputation both locally and abroad in managing the bookings of local acts the likes of GIGI, Jamrud, Fourtwnty, and many others who have made the plunge into the Indonesian music industry before VoB.

“During our collaboration with Superman Is Dead at Jakarta Fair 2017, Abah (their teacher and mentor) introduced us to one of the leading figures behind Amity Asia Agency. She seemed cold and scary,” says VoB’s vocalist-cum-guitarist Firda Kurnia about their initial encounter with Amity. “However, despite her appearance, we instantly felt the same thing that we did with Abah: a loving feeling that extends to more than just showering someone with praise,” the Garut-born young lady continues.

In spite of the positive impression made by both parties, the meeting did not end with a handshake and a done deal. It was only a while later that Abah got in touch with Amity Asia Agency again to ask for their assistance to mediate with promoters from abroad who were looking to invite VoB to perform at their events. “They were baffled because none of them have ever travelled overseas,” mentions Nadia Yustina, the CEO and founder of Amity Asia Agency – and the lady whom was described as “cold and scary” by the members of VoB.

Looking at the potential of Firda and her two friends Widi Rahmawati (bass) and Euis Siti Aisyah (drums), Nadia agreed to lend a helping hand even before a contract was drafted. “We (Amity Asia Agency) became very interested in VoB because we look them as more than just musicians but also as human beings. These cute little girls have very strong principles, characteristics and attitude. We see them as this ray of hope for a better future. If one were to have a child, one would want him or her to be an offspring who possesses the same principles, characteristics and attitude as they do,” Nadia remarks. “We then felt that as human beings, we have a duty and responsibility to protect and take care of them so that they could develop and create to their potential, and to also minimize the many pitfalls that may befall them,” she continues.